Davido Net Worth, Income, Lifestyle, And Biography

Davido is a Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur. You can hardly find someone who does not know about Davido in Nigeria. It’s common that celebrities who got famous to move to the USA from other countries, but it’s strange in the case of Davido that he lives in America and then move to Nigeria for continuing his music career. He became a popular singer in the country, not only here he was recognized internationally.

If we talk about Davido Net worth then he is the richest among all his fellow singers and we will deeply discuss his assets and net worth growth in this article. Furthermore, we will also discuss his biography, married life, and social media accounts.

Davido Biography:

Davido was born on 21 November 1992, in Atlanta Georgia. His family moved to Legos where he took admission to the British International School of Legos. For further studies, he came back to America for a special degree at Oakland University. In the middle of his studies, he moves back to Nigeria to continue his music career because he was very passionate about music and left studies in between.

His parental background is well, as he belongs to a rich family. So, career choice never becomes a trouble for him. Whatever career he chose, can pursue without any parental restriction. That’s why he chooses music over studies and goes with the flow.

As a backup singer, he started his music career. His first album was released at the age of 20 that become a massive hit in his music career. This album made him recognized in the world and then he never move back from the music industry.

In 2016, he dropped the second album which become a huge hit that year and made him the most recognizable face of Africa. He produces three of his albums in the duration of 6 years. The next album is expected to come in 2023 which surely made him more popular.

Davido Net Worth:

It is estimated that Davido net worth in 2019 was $30 million, then in 2020 net worth was $35 million and in 2021 his net worth was $40 million and now in 2022 his estimated net worth is $50 million. Davido includes one of those celebrities who are rich by birth but want to make money through their own efforts.

Although Davido’s father is rich, he wants to become rich by his own will and he did it. He is considered one of the top-rated singers of the African continent. He makes efforts to fulfill his wish and successfully he did it and does not depend upon his father’s wealth.

Many people wonder about his source of income and how he become so rich, it’s all about his talent and efforts, and ambitious mindset. He bagged many endorsement deals that become a good source of his good wealth. His contract with brands and well-off companies is another good source of his income. Many high-profile brands with his works include MTN and Guinness Nigeria.

Davido’s Net Worth Growth:

Davido is not only famous for singing but is also one of the top record producers in Africa. Under his production house, he almost produces 110 albums of songs. His net worth as a record producer is separate from singing. He earns by both hands, not only singing and production, he is an enterpriser as well and a brand ambassador of MTN. now in 2022 Davido net worth is $50 million.

Net worth in 2022$50 million
Net worth in 2021$40 million
Net worth in 2020$35 million
Net worth in 2019$30 million
Net worth in 2018$20 million


Endorsement Deals:

Davido’s endorsement deals increase his net worth. When a celebrity becomes famous because of his talent, all multi-national companies try to reach out and make deals with them, and they both benefited.

Same in the case of Davido, he made contracts with many big names multinational companies, such as AXE, Travel beta, Pepsi, MTN, etc. not only ambassadorship, these multimillion-dollar companies wanted to make endorsement deals with him, this give his studio good income to grow.

On April 2012, he signs an endorsement deal of $30 million with MTN company the largest mobile network in Africa. MTN shows Davido as their company marketing face and then participates in the campaign for the youth of Nigeria.

In the next year 2013, he was endorsed by the Guinness company and take part in the “world of more concerts” along with many other singers such as  Olamide, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage,  D’banj, and much more music artists.

On May 2018, he made another endorsement deal with the famous mobile company infinix a Hong Kong-based mobile manufacturer company. In this way, he made many significant endorsement deals in his career.

Davido’s Sources Of Income:

Let’s talk about other sources of income that increases His net worth. Among all music is his primary source of income later comes above what we are discussing now. He does live performances and shows and charges a good amount of money that increases his net worth.

For local shows in Nigeria, he charges between N10-N40 million. Abroad, for live shows and performances, he charges between $100, and $200,000 which helps in increasing his net worth. It is estimated that he has almost 40 shows annually and you can easily calculate his net worth, as we already declare his earnings from each live show.

He also earns from his YouTube videos, as almost 630 million views come on his YouTube videos which is a huge record that he gains. Davido become the founder of his music label DMW in 2016 when he made a contract with Sony music industry.

DMW is another source of his income, not only he grows his own music but he introduces new talent through his production house. He introduced many new music artists from Africa, and he appreciate new talent and enhance their talent to grow in the music industry.

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Davido’s Lifestyle:

Davido belongs to a rich family background, but we cannot say that all of his wealth is his father’s wealth, as he earns by himself, he is considered among those celebrities with high net worth and living a luxurious life. His $50 million net worth shows his luxurious lifestyle.

For once he shared a picture of his family’s private jet on Instagram and other social media accounts that become gains a spotlight in media news. People are impressed by his lifestyle and show their reactions to it. On Twitter, he wrote that “Bought already. It’s not soup; its hard work and ambition!” on his private jet picture. In the comment section, many people are impressed and congratulate him and many criticize him as a sign of arrogance.

Davido living his life to the fullest, his luxurious and expensive lifestyle showed when he once bought Rolex watches for his two daughters worth $30 million. Not only his daughter but also presented a Rolex watch to his PA, Santusgee in Dubai. He then thanked him by writing it on Instagram “THE PANDEMIC COULDN’T STOP ME! ROLLY GANG! #[email protected]!”. 

Davido’s Mansions:

Davido is not living his life on his father’s money but earning himself through his music. His huge net worth made him independent to buy his own mansions. He owns two houses in Lekki phase 1. He owns a mansion in his birthplace America. 2nd mansion he buys at Banana Island Legos whose worth is about $500 million.


There were some days when the Nigerian music industry is inferior but now it competes internationally with other music industries just because of talented artists like Davido and others. Davido is not only a musician but a rich one who lives a Luxurious life and is included as one of the most popular African artists on the continent.

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