Desiree Washington Net Worth & Life A Dark Tragedy Of Her Life

Desiree Washington is an American winner of the miss black Rhode island title and a model of Rhode Island. She came to the limelight when she accused Mike Tyson of her rape. This accusation news of Tyson gives Washington a rushing prominence. Mike Tyson, is considered the strongest boxer of his time. He is famous as the most dangerous boxer of that time and receives the title of “baddest man on the planet”. During the court hearing of this rape case, sources claimed that the jury give a sad sigh over Washington when Tyson went out of the room because of his heavyweight and was included as the heavy-weight boxer of that time.

According to our sources, in 1991 when Washington was just 18 years old become a victim of Mike Tyson, as she is a brave woman she filed a rape case against the boxer and this case receive all the limelight. However, Tyson was punished to stay in prison for 6 years. This rape accusation of Tyson again got famous when discussed in the documentary 1993, “the untold story of Tyson”. Well, Desiree fought bravely to prove herself innocent and a victim of rape.

Let’s discuss briefly who is Desiree Washington, her age, her biography, Desiree Washington Net Worth and what happened in her life, and now where is she.

Desiree Washington Biography

Desiree was born in the year 1973, but her exact date of birth is unknown, we only know the year of her birth. Her birthplace is Coventry, Rhode, Island US. As we don’t know about her birth month then we don’t know about her zodiac sign. From her childhood, she is ambitious about her studies and career. She is considered a brilliant student at the school.

She goes to Coventry high school for studies, in school she’s a hardworking, intelligent, and ambitious student, she participates in sports and played on the softball team. After high school, she moved to Providence College, where she enrolled and studied psychology. Then she graduated as a politician or an attorney. 

Desiree Washington Net Worth

Desiree Washington Net Worth Is still a mystery as we don’t know about her profession and career. She starts her career as a model but now what she is doing is unknown, so we are unaware of her earnings. Tyson portrays her as a gold digger girl but we do not how much sum up he pays Desiree when he is convicted of the crime.

The ex-boss of Desiree gives the information that she is involved in the settlement offer of $1 million from Tyson to dismiss the rape case but Desiree refuses to accept this offer. Although, there is no information about her net worth because currently, we do not know anything about her earnings, profession, and career.

Washington’s Family

Desiree Washington is the daughter of Mary Belle Silva Washington and Donald Washington. Her mother is not a housewife although she’s a working lady. Same like her mother, her father is a working person. Both perform their duties as personal specialists and bookkeepers. She lives in Rhode Island with her parents and two older siblings Dorrie Washington, and Don Washington Jr.

When Desiree becomes a rape victim, her family also suffers a lot both her parents got divorced. And her siblings faced many social problems. we all know that our society didn’t leave the family of a rape victim to live peacefully, they make their living as hell. Mike Tyson is considered the baddest person, he wouldn’t allow her family to live peacefully because their daughter accused him of rape. Although, her family is supportive and stood out with her in the crucial times when she was fighting for justice.

Desiree Winning Titles

Desiree was always passionate about modeling and ambitiously participated in pageants throughout his life and wins the competition and achieving titles. She competed for miss black Rhode and wins that title successfully and after that, she wins the title of miss black America successfully.

She is extremely down to earth and dares to help others. When she was in high school, she teaches students the school and gives her time and knowledge to them. She invests her time and attention in helping others. As she taught many subjects to the students and got the opportunity to become a goodwill ambassador to Moscow and the only black girl in a group of 34 students across the country. She also wins her case and achieves justice from the court in her rape case.

A Dark Tragedy Of Desiree’s Life

On July 19, 1991, Desiree filed a report of rape against Mike, according to her statements she said Tyson invited her to Canterbury’s room, where he was living, and she accepted that invitation and go there where this happened. The next day she was rushed into Methodist Hospital’s emergency room where she was treated. Tyson’s chauffeur Virginia elaborated the story in a way that left Desiree speechless.

The doctor confirmed the suspects of rape as genital bleeding and other symptoms related to rape are real. Tyson states that he didn’t do anything without her permission, he tries to portray the image of Desire as a gold digger but unfortunately failed to prove it, at last court sentenced him to 6 years in prison as a sexual offender.

He was granted early probation because of his good behavior and financially strong background. Although it’s not easy to go against the boxer and filed a case against her, as she knows his criminal past she put the case against him as sexual assault. She is brave and fights for justice and fights for those rape-victimized girls who stay quiet because of societal pressure and encourage them to speak for themselves. That is the tragic side of her life.

Where Is Desiree Washington Now?

Well, it’s another mystery that we don’t know anything about Desiree now. Where is she living now? What she’s doing? Everything becomes a secret that no one knows. After winning the rape case, she and her parents decide to move away from the spotlight as every rape does. She moves away from the media’s eyes.

That’s the reason we don’t know about his Net worth now her life is so private that there is no information about her. Our sources are kept in search of finding any clue about her life, and how is she now. will update you if any news comes out about her.

Eventually, we don’t know about her marriage that either she married or not. According to her birth, she is now 48 years old but we don’t know anything regardless of the facts and life we have shared with you. Her tragic life again gets the spotlight when it’s discussed in some famous documentaries such as Mike Tyson: Knockout, about boxer Mike Tyson. From 1991 to 2022, Tyson kept his statement the same that he is innocent and he did not do anything, but the court knows who is right and give him punishment as a sexual offender.

A Brief Summary Of Desiree Washington’s Appearance And Life:

NameDesiree Washington
ParentsFather: Donald Washington Mother: Marry Belle Silva Washington 
Birth1973, Rhode island US
Estimated net worthWe exactly don’t know but estimated $700k USD
EthnicityMixed Afro-American
OccupationFormer model and beauty pageant winner twice time
SiblingsDon Jr Washington Dorrae Washington

Physical Appearance:

Height5ft 5 inch
Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBlack


Desiree Washington is an 18-year-old young girl who fights for her rights, fighting for the justice that is the right of every rape-victimized girl. Fortunately, as she is brave and ambitious she gets justice, and Tyson is sentenced to prison for 6 years, and then she disappears from all the limelight and media coverage and now we don’t know where is she.

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