Jerry Mathers Net Worth, Business, And Personal Life

Jerry Mathers is an American actor who plays a very famous character in the television drama industry. You must be aware of the character beaver that was played by Mathers and become very popular. Leave it to beaver, a television sitcom becomes the cause of his success. He is recognized by this character. He becomes a favorite star of many peoples. His fans still love him and want to know about his life. They are curious to know about Jerry Mathers Net Worth and his personal life, and we will discuss everything in this article.

Early And Childhood Life of Jerry Mathers:

Gerald Patrick Jerry Mathers was born on the 2nd of June 1948, in Sioux City, Iowa, United states. His bond with his siblings is pretty good. His father is the principal of the high school, so most of his childhood time was spent in San Fernando Valley, LA, California.

He started his acting career in his childhood when he was just 2 years old, and came as a child model for a department store advertisement. Because of his pretty features, he was taken for the advertisement in his childhood. After this, he appeared in a commercial for a pet of milk, they cast him for advertising their brand.

He first gave his TV debut along with the famous Ed Wynn on his variety show. He became the apple of everyone’s eye during his childhood. People love to see him on screen. At the age of six and seven, he appeared in many famous movies from which he properly started his acting career.

  • This Is My Love (1954)
  • The Seven Little Foys (1955)
  • The Trouble With Harry (1955)
  • That Certain Feeling (1956)
  • The Shadow on the Window (1957)

These all are his movies in which he appears at such an age.

Jerry Mathers Net Worth

As you know Jerry Mathers is well known for his child character Beavers. As of 2023, we can estimate Jerry Mathers Net Worth to be about $3 million. Jerry Mathers earns a lot through his acting career because of his popular shows.

Jerry Mathers Business

After completing college, he started his job as a commercial loan officer along with the real estate business. He invests his savings from his acting career into his business and earns almost $500 weekly.

He does many businesses in his life, the most highlighted one is the catering business. He provides catering services to TV shows and dramas. He runs many computer businesses as well. As we know he spent his life as a military officer so he earns a lot through his acting, music, and business.

Education Of Jerry Mathers

As we know, he appears on television in his early life, at the age of 2 years. He gives a major debut in most of the famous films but he quits acting after becoming a teenager. Now he focuses on his studies.

He goes to Notre Dame High School where he starts studying and actively takes part in sports. Although he is very good at sports and participates in swimming and football.  Not only in sports he also actively takes part in other activities such as music and become a leader of the band whose name is Beaver and the Trappers.

continued this along with his studies and after his graduation, he became a sergeant. In 1973 he went to the University of California, Berkeley, where he completed his bachelor’s in philosophy.

Along with his studies, he appears on TV many times, because loves swimming and football he takes part in many competitions. So as a whole, he is a multi-talented person who takes part in many co-curricular activities along with his education.

Jerry Mathers Career

You will definitely analyze jerry Mathers Net Worth by going through his career. Basically, the peak of his career started when he landed in the role of “leave it to beaver”. His role as Beaver” Cleaver made him popular.

The world acknowledges him through this role. But when he did his studies he quit acting for some time but in 1978, he came back to the screens properly. At this time he comes back because of his on-screen Brother Tony Dow, as he joined him to do theater together.

They both perform well in theater and their show Boeing in kansas City became so popular that it sold out continuously within 10 weeks of the play. And immediately after this, they both are booked for another play. After this, they both go to Stanley on a national tour in 1980.

In 1981, in Anaheim, California he performed as a DJ at KEYZ. Not only acts he also perform well in music as well. And finally, after two years when his luck goes well, he joined leaves it to Beaver, and becomes a Beaver in the show which takes him towards a successful career.

After its immense success, he again comes to the new sequel of leave it to Beaver comes to Disney’s channel. Through this sequel, he earned a lot, and Jerry Net Worth increased. An estimate of $45,000 was earned through this show but he is in strict laws and schedule so, he finished after acting in 108 episodes that appear on many major TV channels in the US and other countries.

In the next four years 1987 to 1991, he appeared in many famous TV shows such as:

  • The Love Boat (1987)
  • Park Lewis Can’t Lose (1991)
  • Vengeance Unlimited (1991)
  • Diagnosis: Murder (1999)
  • Married… With Children (1999)

He became a writer as well in 2001, he wrote his own autobiography named Jerry Mathers as the beavers. That book is still available on Amazon. You can read his biography which was written

In 2007, he again played a role as Wilbur Tumblad in the Broadway musical Hairspray which won an award and became a masterpiece. In 2001 he appeared in a child star TV edition which he voted off in the first round. Moreover, he experiences a lot in his career and becomes a successful actor.

Leave It To Beaver

This sequel is the success of Jerry Mathers, In 1957 the producers of the movie connected with Mathers and were impressed by his frankness as he said to them that he likes to stay in the club rather than give them an audition for the film. Finally, he cast him in the movie and the story revolves as he is Beaver and his parents June and Ward Cleaver along with a brother Wally.

He gives six years of his life to this show and almost 234 episodes appear on screens. The success of this sequel spread everywhere and almost on air in 80 countries and was translated into 40 different languages. Because of its immense popularity, producers made a new sequel to this show and again cast him.

Personal Life of Jerry Mathers

Jerry Mathers married three times in his life. The first time he married Diana Platt was in 1974. He met in college and the couple got divorced after some time, he again married Rhonda Gehring. Both are parents of 3 children, one son, and two daughters. But he again got divorced in 1997.

Jerry then married his 3rd wife Teresa Modnick in 2011. Now they both are happily living a luxurious life.

The Health Of Jerry Mathers

Jerry Mathers was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1996. He works a lot to educate the youth about this disease. He is better in health along with this disease. Now in 2023, he will become 74 years old but still look ravishing because he took a lot of care about his fitness More Information Please Check .

Awards And Nominations

For his work in Leave it to Beaver, he received a lifetime achievement award from the young artist award. People magazine includes him in the top 25 television stars of all time. He receives immense love from his fans.

Final Thoughts

A multi-talented American actor Jerry Mathers is famous because of his character Beaver. He achieved a lot in his life, either in acting or in other businesses, he always became successful. We try to discuss his life, personal life, business, income, and everything that we know about him. We will update you if we find any other updates about him.

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