Younger sister of Zendaya- Kaylee Stoermer Coleman

Kaylee is the younger child of the Coleman Stoermer family. The first time she appeared publically with her famous sister Zendaya Stoermer Coleman. Like all their siblings of hers, she also got prominence because of her sister.

The Spiderman actress Zendaya is the light of the Hollywood industry, this new charm got immense love from her fans, and likewise, her family also got prominence because of her. However, in all siblings, Kaylee always receives the limelight like her sister. As she is the youngest one, the most spoiled and loved one. She also joins the modeling and acting industry. Let us discuss briefly her biography, career, education, and her relationships.

The Early Life Of Kaylee Coleman Stoermer:

The American actress and singer Zendaya, Maree Stoermer Coleman’s younger sister Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, includes one of the most famous youngest children in the Hollywood industry. As this family is highly private very less information is disclosed about their personal information.

On October 4, 2022, she celebrated her 19th birthday, according to this date she was born in 2003 and is now 19 years old, as we discuss earlier they did not disclose anything and before this birthday celebration, we did not exactly know about her birth date. Now, we can assume she is a teenager and was born in the late 2000s.

Parents Of Stoermer Siblings:

The Father of Kaylee has African-American ethnicity, while their stepmother has German-Scottish ethnicity. Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, her father who gave birth to Kaylee Stoermer Coleman, is the youngest among all the other 5 siblings of his previous marriage. Although his father has African-American regionalist roots in Arkansas. Kaylee’s father is a filmmaker, producer, and bodyguard. Clarrie Coleman is her mother who is German- Scottish regionalist.

Kaylee Education

Young girl Kaylee is focused on her studies, we are assuming that maybe she is in high school. So, she is a student and didn’t focus on her professional life. There Is another assumption that quite possible that she may be pursuing her modeling career after completing her studies.

Now, she is young she is getting knowledge that is her priority and after this, like all her other siblings she can pursue her acting career.

Kaylee Stoermer Career

Along with education, Kaylee established herself in Hollywood as she give an acting debut that catches the attention of the viewers likewise her other siblings, she has good dancing skills. Let’s see some of her best acting debuts, “The New Girl” and “K.C. Undercover.” This production house praises her as a hardworking artist and loves to work with her.

Kaylee shares the stage with some of the greatest performers like Justin Bieber, and Madonna. This screening gave her ultimate prominence in the industry. As she is establishing herself in the industry, she is motivated to work hard and give her best to her work along with her study.

Kaylee Coleman Relationship:

Currently, Kaylee Is not in any relationship, because she is just focusing on her studies. She has no boyfriend yet and another thing we did not hear any rumors about her or any dating speculation about her. She is only focusing on her studies and career and away from all these relationships and dating rumors. Like all his siblings and other celebrities, we hear some rumors about their relations but she is no rumors, nor relations, no boyfriends, and no dating.

Net Worth:

 Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is now in high school and ambitious about her studies. However, she is not only studying she is also focusing on her professional career and recognizing herself in Hollywood. As we know her, both parents are also working parents, and their siblings are well financially, we can say that she belongs to a financially rich family.

Kaylee can be called a celebrity sister with a strong background so when we talk about her net worth that is also good because of her good financial background.

Net worth$300k

Quick summary on the life of Kaylee Coleman:

NameKaylee Stoermer Coleman
Height5’ 1 inch
Weight48 kgs
BirthOctober 2003
Body measurements33-29-34.
Father nameKazembe Ajamu Coleman
Mother nameClarrie Coleman

Is Kaylee Sister Zendaya Dating Tom Holland?

Well this is still a rumor because the couple itself not give any clarification but this rumor is revolving from a long time and people considering it right as you know they both work in a project from where Zendaya comes into the limelight.

For once, they both seen in a car with some intimate scenes and people rushed into their lives and believed this rumor as a reality but no clarity as they kept themselves private. Later, the actor Timothée Chalmette and Zendaya both works in a project and he gave some hints about his costar relationship with Holland. During their project promotions, a journalist ask about the celebrity crush of Zendaya and he replied “Easy, Tom Holland”. And zendaya smiles back that gives another hint that they both are still together and the rumor is somehow true they are dating right now. But we are not sure about their marriage when they will announce it, as soon as we get information about it will update you all the information.

Kaylee’s Physical Appearance:

As of now in 2022 she’s 19 years old if she is born in 2003. As we compared her physical appearance with her sister Zendaya she is slightly shorter than her. She is 5ft 1 inch in height and 48 kgs in weight. She is slim and fit physically and her skin color is slight dark brown. Her facial features also resemble with her sister and look like she is sister of Zendaya. Like all the other 5 siblings, she is mostly attached to Zendaya and mostly appears on public with her.


The younger sibling of Coleman is Kaylee that recognized not only by the fame of her sister but she herself attain a lot she receives many achievements in her younger age. Along with their studies she focused on her career as well and give her modeling and acting debut. Here we discuss all the important events of her life briefly.

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