Who is Julien Stoermer Coleman? Everything you want to know about him:

If you have watched Marvel then you must be interested in watching Spiderman because the viewers of Marvel have shown interest in Spiderman. Fans of both series love both of them. So, their fans show interest in the crew of the series. They show their love for the cast of the series. One of the most important actors in Spiderman is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. She is famous because of her stunning looks, acting, and modeling and got famous for the popular show Spiderman. Fans gave her immense love and shows interest in her.

In the Hollywood industry, you noticed one thing when you become a public figure than your life is transparent to your people. Fans love to know about your personal life, your private life is no anymore private. Because of Zendaya and her popularity, her brother Julien Stoermer Coleman got prominence because he is a sibling of a famous Hollywood actress.

But that’s not enough, yes it’s true you come to the limelight when you have a relationship with a public figure but need to maintain it and got popularity and receive a huge fan following because of your talent. In this article, we will deeply discuss his talent, career, education, birth, and biography.

Julien Stoermer’s Early life:

Julien dislikes the interruption of the public in his personal life. However, we all know that public figures are public property, as much you hide yourself the more people are curious about your life. We don’t know many personal things about Julien but try to disclose some of them

Let’s talk about his early life, he was born on the 15th of May 1988 in Oakland, California USA. He is a mixture of various ethnicity and cultures because his parent belongs to different regions. His mother Claire Stoermer belongs to German and Scottish ethnicity and worked in a theater. While, his father Kazembe Ajamu Coleman belongs to the African-American region and worked as a teacher, which reflects that particular ethnicity. You know this mixed ethnicity happens when our parents belong from two different cultures then children are a mixture of both cultures and this happens in the case of Julien.

However, most of his time was spent with his siblings, ZENDAYA and Austin Stoermer Coleman. All of Zendaya’s siblings got popular because of her, as she is the finest actress and singer in the industry.

Educational Life of Julien

As we know that Julien was a private person, and very little kind of personal information is disclosed, we exactly don’t know the educational life of Julien. However, it seems like he went to a public school in his neighborhood as we hear some rumors about him.

 As he looks like an educated person so he might attend university for higher study, but currently we exactly don’t know about his educational career, but some say that he might involve in some learning process may be in his study. That’s all hidden we exactly don’t know what he is doing right now for his educational career.

Professional Career

We exactly don’t know about his career as he is a highly private person. some rumors revolve around he will give his film debut like his sister Zendaya did in 2009. But that is not quite obvious because nothing discloses officially, we are just assuming that he may choose this profession.

We exactly don’t know what’s going on in Julien’s mind. As he is good at sports and shows interest in it so it’s expected that he might become an athlete and chooses this profession. If you see him physically, he looks strong, muscular, and physically fit. He will get all the success if he chooses the sports profession. These all are speculations about his career, nothing confirms his professional life. let’s just wait for it and see what he chooses as a profession.

His love life/ Relationship

Julien’s love life is something that we all do not know and have no clues about him. We don’t whether he is dating right now or not. Because he kept his love life so private.

Well, it’s a bit comic as from the start we are just speculating and we don’t know much about him just focusing on the rumors and speculation. Then why not this time?

He’s handsome so it’s not possible that no one falls for him, or he’s not in relation with someone? What do you think guys? He is dating? Focusing on the professional career? Or further studying? What do you all think according to his personality depictions?

Net worth

As we don’t know what career he’s pursuing right now we are just assuming everything then why not this time? A guy like him must be an entrepreneur, as we know is the ultimate survival of our life on earth.

It’s impossible if someone says that he is not doing anything as he looks like a cool guy. Let’s assume his net worth that is not accurate but somehow close to real net worth that we don’t know exactly.

Net worth$500k thousand to $1000k thousand

Measurements, AGE, Height, Weight Body.

Fans love to know the personal information of their favorite public figure. Let’s talk about his major measurements that fans love to know about.

Height5 feet 8 inches, 172 cm
Weight70 to 75 kg or 154 to 165 pounds
Age24 year old
Eye colorBlack
hair colorBlack

Julien Stoermer Movies

As Zendaya is working in the film industry, everyone is waiting when Julien Stoermer Coleman starts working in this field. We are just expecting soon he will join this industry but we are exactly not sure about his acting career. His sister receives immense love and huge fame from this profession. We are just curious when he will first give his film debut. Currently, he’s not working in any movie, and not in the past, he had done. But we are not sure about the future what he will do in his acting career as his sister does.

Siblings of Zendaya and Julien:

Zendaya and Julien Stoermer Coleman have 4 other siblings and they have different bonding connections with all of them. As Zendaya got famous so, her family becomes the talk of the town, and become a public figure. Their family is highly well-organized, loving, and well-connected to each other.

Their sibling Austin Coleman is more close to his sister Zendaya and the bond they both share is extremely marvelous, a pure brother-sister relationship.

 Katianna Stoermer Coleman is elder Than all her siblings and behave as elderly in all of them because of her level in the siblings Anabella Stoermer Coleman is younger than Julien but more close to Zendaya, she is almost 22 or 23 year old and an extremely private person, even more than Julien.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is the youngest of all siblings and the most spoiled one, but she receives all the love because she is younger in all and we assume that she is just a teenager. She gives public appearances a lot of time with her sister Zendaya on red carpets.


A complete look at the life of Zendaya’s brother Julien. That’s all we can cover in this article and all information about him that is public and some assumptions as well

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